The Foundation of Global Village

The Foundation of Global Village is a nonstock company, established to improve the life of common people living in our global community by making products affordable for everyone.


In our efforts to achieve our goal of strengthening the Small & Medium Enterprise of our Global Village we have launched an online community marketplace by the name of Neelamga! for the community's local medium & small businesses to open their online stores to display the products they offer for sale and disclose their store policies to the buyers.


Now sellers from all around the globe can introduce their products and sell with the help of local small businesses to the buyers  all around the globe with the use of  Neelamga!  


In our effort to create respectable income-earning opportunities for everyone in our Global Village, we are in the process of establishing a workforce to introduce the listings at Neelamga! to the buyers in the community, our dedicated workforce helps buyers in narrowing down the best available choices by finding the best match for their needs.


We also arrange local delivery services and help the buyers with their exchange or returns according to the sellers policies that are disclosed to the buyers at the time of purchase.


We believe that there is only one Creator and everything belongs to our Creator, our Creator wants us to live in peace by sharing our blessing with those who are in need, we are answerable to our Creator for how we act in this life and will be rewarded accordingly hereafter.

We request the users of Neelamga! to act responsibly for a better life for everyone living in our Global Village and we are always open for honest opinions and good suggestions to achieve our goal of better life for everyone sharing our planet.

 Mohammed I. Khan


 The Foundation of Global Village