The Foundation of Global Village

The Foundation of Global Village is a nonstock company, established to improve the life of common people living in our global community by making “Quality Goods & Services” affordable for everyone.

In our efforts to help medium & small businesses of our Global Village we have launched an online community marketplace “Neelamga!”  

We help medium & small businesses by opening their online stores at “Neelamga!” to display and introduce their “Goods & Services” to the end buyers.

In our effort to create respectable income-earning opportunities for the unskilled workers of our Global Village, we are in the process of establishing  a workforce to introduce the “Neelamga!” listings with the community and take the orders.

Our dedicated workforce will help buyers in narrowing down the available choices by finding the best match for their needs and take the orders.

We will provide delivery services of the products that are purchased with the use of the community marketplace “Neelamga!” and we will help the buyers with the exchange & returns if needed. 

In our effort to make Quality Goods & Services listed at “Neelamga!” affordable for everyone we try to arrange, affordable payment terms for the buyers if needed.

We share a portion of our profit with those who can not afford to purchase at regular prices. 

For a better life for everyone living in our Global Village, we request the users of “Neelamga!” to act responsibly.

Mohammed I. Khan


The Foundation of Global Village